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MONUC repeats its appeal for calm before the results are announced on August 20

Monuc | Published on August 16, 2006

MonucAt the weekly MONUC press conference on Wednesday August 16 2006, MONUC repeated its appeal for calm before the DRC election results are announced on August 20.
This appeal was made amid growing speculation regarding the results and the outcome of the presidential and legislative elections.

"There is a lot of disinformation, rumour and speculation at the moment. We reiterate our appeal to the Congolese media, as well as candidates and everyone else to remain calm, and to respect the law, until the results are announced by the Independent Electoral Commission," said MONUC spokesperson Kemal Saiki.

We appeal to everyone to remain calm and to repsect the law

"The people have shown their maturity in voting for the July 30 elections in a calm and responsible manner. We would like that that the process would continue in the same way, and we, along with the International Committee of the Wise, the CIAT, and the Congolese religious organisations, are against violence of any kind," he added.

Meanwhile, allegations of fraud and irregularities are still being reported from around the country.

Mr.Saiki responded by saying that elections anywhere in the world are not perfect.

"The elections in this country involved over 25 million voters, and over 300,000 electoral staff, with 50,000 centres all over a country the size of western Europe. There were huge logistical problems due to lack of infrastructure. Of course there will be some errors due to incompetency and transport problems."
There are mechnaisms in place in the event of results disputes

He added that the Congolese electoral law has mechanisms in place in the event of results disputes.

"From Monday 21 August next, in accordance with the electoral calendar, those who began on July 30 to proclaim irregularities and even fraud will be able to use these legal means to make their voices heard and ask for justice. We ask everyone that this also is done in calm and peace with respect for the law."

In addition, MONUC reiterated to the media that the international community remains mobilised in their support of the electoral process in the DRC.

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