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White House congratulates Kabila on his victory

By White House | Published on November 29, 2006

Tony Snow - White House Press Secretary

Statement by the Press Secretary


Congolese Elections

The United States commends the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the completion of presidential run-off and provincial elections. We congratulate President Kabila on his victory in the run-off election and urge all parties to uphold the ruling by the Congolese Supreme Court. Despite enormous logistical difficulties complicated by torrential rain, the voting process was peaceful and turnout was high. While noting some problems, international observers deemed that the electoral results successfully represent the will of the Congolese people. We applaud the supporting role played by the United Nations, South Africa, African Union, and European Union.

The United States stands with the Congolese people on this landmark occasion and will support their continued efforts to build a prosperous democracy.

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