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The Congolese people won't accept a return to violence and destruction

By Monuc | Published on October 27, 2006

Ciat - Congo The International Committee in Support of the Transition (CIAT*) invites the Congolese to participate en masse in the presidential and provincial elections on 29 October, 2006 and states that neither the Congolese people nor the international community will accept a return to violence and destruction in the country.

Ahead of the presidential and provincial elections of October 29th, which are decisive for the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the CIAT once again congratulates the Congolese political actors for having chosen the path of peace in Sun City and for having reached this crucial point, despite several extremely difficult moments during the transition.

The next days will be the biggest test for all. Neither the Congolese people, nor the international community will accept at this historic moment a return to violence and destruction in the country, which would imperil all the achievements of the process and would ruin the hopes of the whole population for peace, reconstruction and development.

The CIAT trusts that the candidates, and in particular the two presidential candidates, will put the destiny of their country above their personal or partisan interests.

Finally, the CIAT encourages all voters in the country, who have been waiting for this moment for decades, to vote en masse and in peace on October 29th to choose their President of the Republic and their provincial deputies. The CIAT wishes that the Congolese people and the international community pass together this major turning point toward a new era for the DRC.


* The CIAT is composed of the five permanent members of the Security Council (China, France, Great-Britain, the USA and Russia), in addition to Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Angola, Gabon, Zambia, the European Union (Commission and Presidency), the African Union (Commission and Presidency) and MONUC.

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