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Tense relations between the DRC and Belgium

Congo News Agency - April 25, 2008

Joseph Kabila - Karel De GuchtBelgium is primarily a partner. Myself, well I hope that Belgium will always be a friend, a friendly country, with which I personally have no problem. But a year and a half after the elections, you cannot deal with the Democratic Republic of Congo as if we were in the nineties which were marked by the National Sovereign Conference, the transition, wars and so on. You should know that the Congo has completely changed, and that is the starting point: there is a legitimate power in place. Even before, I could not accept that people deal with our country as if it was still a colony.
Minister De Gucht pleased with work done by committee of experts to delimit border between DR Congo and Angola

Government of Belgium - October 15, 2007

The quadripartite committee of experts examining supporting documents for the delimitation of the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola (where the Kahemba territory and the Angolan province of Lunda Norte adjoin each other) has finished its work.

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