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Eva Kabuya

April 10, 2010 12:45 PM

Rechercher de mon frere kkabuya clema

Je cherhe mon frere kabuya clema depuis 1985 jusqui est aujordhuis 20010 aucun message de son n 'apars.Alors si vous laconnait,vouloir me contacter sur mon address suivant.My mother her name is MARY JOSE SHILUMBA, My father his name WAS KABUYA PLACIDE KABUYA,Some of the family live in Canada and the rest in Lumumbashi Katanga, if there is any informations about my brother please let me know about it apparently he was in Angola Kinshasa Bas-Zaire and MWANDA iN kiSHASA he was living with NKAYA in mwanda and KAYA is the brother to KAZADI who was the husband to YA NGOYA in Lubumbashi my other uncle colled Kasonga Donansien he used to be in the military Army in lubumbasi at ODITRA-MILITAIRE. Later on he moved to Kinshsa. My Brother Kabuya PLacide left behind two Children Mary jose Mwabajo mulanga and Kabuya Placide Mukola and the was Chela Kanda.

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