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Latest Political and Gambling News from the Tensioned DR Congo

By DCZ News | Published on March 1, 2017
After a long period of debates and questions that had remained unanswered, it seems like the DRC minister has come forward to clear a few aspects for the public. A major concern that was addressed lately is the fact that the country does not seem to afford to hold proper elections this year. This warning has come to the surface after the death of the key opposition figure. This has led to a wide range of fragile political deals in the country.

Meanwhile, the citizens wait to see what the future might bring for them from this perspective. Also a topic of interest was the one related to online gambling and the regulations that govern these activities. From this perspective, the country has remained firm in keeping the gambling activities on the legal side thus enabling players to enjoy their activities the same way they did before. Moreover, there is also a city with physical gambling facilities for players in the Republic.

Further analysis and requests from the civilians

This was the answer that the civilians were waiting for. It is a great opportunity for them to enjoy a nice experience playing a Wild Jack Casino game no. Although they can also do this online, nothing seems to resemble the real -life experience and the thrills you get from gambling real money. The most important part in the game is not necessarily the money yet the adrenaline and the way in which you release chemicals that make you happy while playing these games.

Moreover, while the citizens learn to relax through online gambling and other pleasant activities, they also wait to see what the future might bring for them on the political side. The repeated delays in the organization of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo remain a serious issue to solve at a political level. Organizing a large-scale pole is expensive and the authorities have not yet found a way of covering such expenses given the budget allocated for this year.

The imminent risks of a civil war

However, apart from the budget issues, the authorities also have in mind the risk of a serious civil conflict taking place in case this problem is not solved. The conflict has increased in intensity after the death of Etienne Tshisekedi, a veteran politician that the public trusted. He was believed to be the only political figure capable of bringing the opposition back together under the guidance of President Joseph Kabila.

When the presidential mandate was over, the civil protests started to increase in intensity in the republic. Moreover, it looks like the situation will not become less tensioned unless the public gets the poll that has been waited for so long. However, the authorities say that proper steps need to be followed to regain balance from all perspectives.

They have declared themselves keen on finding solutions both for the political part and the civilians waiting for normality to be reinstated in the republic.

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